3 Killer Strategies Linda Ikeji Uses To Make Money From Her Blog Nati

Killer Strategies Linda Ikeji uses to make money from her Blog The media was recently awash with news of Linda Ikejis love for expensive cars. Only recently she was reported to have procured a custom Range Rover. Some people criticized her for flaunting her wealth while others praised her for reaping and enjoying the fruits of her labour. However, what her critics fail to understand or ignore is that she has been on a long road to success. She started blogging in 2006 and later started lindaikeji.blogspot.com in December 2010. Her blog is arguably the most successful blog in Nigeria. Linda Ikeji currently ranks as the 1,872nd most visited website in the world and the 15th most visited website in Nigeria. So how has she been able to turn her blog success into money? If you are new to blogging or considering a career at it, you will need to implement strategies to monetize your blog like Linda Ikeji has done. Here are https://www.lindaikejisblog.com/ that Linda Ikeji uses to make money from her blog. #1. Advertising program Displaying adverts on your blog is certainly a good money making channel. Google AdSense is the most popular one around. You should consider signing up for an AdSense account with Google to access any of Googles advertising programs like Pay-Per-Click (PPC) text, video and display options for your blog. How does AdSense Work? Google displays adverts on you blog and you get paid when someone clicks on them.However AdSense is not a get rich quick scheme. To make the best of this program your blogs search engine optimization needs to be good and you have to post quality content that people want to read. See how Google displays Ads on Linda Ikeji as highlighted in the black eclipse in the image below.

2. To start monetizing your blog, create quality content on subjects that you cover and Optimize your blog for search engines so your content can rank high. This will help Google to place relevant Ads on your blog. So consider registering for a Google AdSense account. #2. Sell your own Ad space One of the most lucrative ways to monetize your blog is to sell your own Ad space. However, you will need to have a good volume of people visiting your blog before advertisers consider placing an advert with you. But if linda ikeji are new to blogging, you may want to check out BuySellAds. They are an advertising platform that link online publishers with Advertisers. They can help make selling your Ad space a lot easier. What makes this channel lucrative is that you can determine the price unlike Google AdSense that the price is determined by Google and they get to keep the larger portion. You will need to create an advert frame either on a side bar or somewhere in the middle of the body of your blog depending on your websites design. See how Linda Ikeji does hers. The Ad placed on both side of the body of the articles (one is encircled in black) and background of the blog.

3. #3. Publish paid PR and Reviews One of the good things about Linda Ikeji's blog is that she continually publishes content that her followers want to read. linda ikeji can't get enough of her. Hate her or love her, they keep going back to read her content. Linda Ikeji has used traffic to monetize her blog. She has constant traffic, thus she has become a goldmine for organizations and individuals looking for some PR. A friend of mine who founded Zidoff, a new player in the Nigerian eCommerce space got Linda Ikeji to do a PR post on his store; he says he was satisfied with her service. And he truly was. The effects of Linda Ikeji's PR post lead to backlinks for his store and considerable traffic. So if you are new at blogging, you may want to set your eyes on PR as well. Conclusion Linda Ikeji can be said to be a successful blogger and has found ways to monetize her blog but this was no get rich quick scheme. She has been at it for 9 years at lindaikeji.blogspot.com and has continually evolved her strategies. So if you are new to blogging you should learn from her strategies and how she does them. Her success factor is that she creates engaging content that her readers like to read.

4. However, the strategies which I have mentioned above are not the only ways which you can make money from your blog. Register for our newsletter and you will receive three more strategies which Linda Ikeji may not be using. I would like to know what you think.

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